Ammunition – Tyre Deflation Round

Ammunition - Tyre Deflation Round


Tyre Deflation Round (TDR)
Effective and safe tyre deflation

The TDR is discharged at point blank range, with its unique design and composition the round is less likely to penetrate any further than the tyre, leaving the steel/alloy wheel intact, preventing any fragmentation which may cause harm. As air from the tyre escapes, it forces the powder out of the tyre, producing a fluorescent pink cloud. The TDR leaves an impregnated mark around the area of penetration to allow for an easily identifiable deflated tyre.

    • All cartridges cases are see-through, printed with full description and colour coded Pink with a 16mm brass base.
    • Minimum order quantity 250 rounds.
    • Clucas 12 gauge shotgun ammunition must only be used in Magnum Shotguns.