Ammunition – ‘Hatton Round’™

Ammunition - Hatton Round™


For effective forced entry through doors and similar barriers

Specially developed for use in close-quarter battle situations (CQB) the 'Hatton'™ Round is designed for effective entry through doors and similar barriers by removing hinges, bolts, locks, or destroying the surrounding woodwork. In addition the round is effective up to 30m, and ceases to be a missile upon impact - an important consideration where hostages are involved.

The 12-bore cartridge case contains a LEAD FREE, semi-solid frangible projectile. Being semi-solid and having a degree of plasticity, the 'Hatton'™ Round wrenches the hinge from its moorings whilst at the same time spreading around the target and causing damage to the surrounding woodwork. The 'Hatton'™ Round can penetrate HGV lorry tyres, cell-type doors (fire doors clad with thin steel plate on both sides) and will destroy armoured glass from a range of 1.5 metres.

  • All cartridges cases are see-through, printed with full description.
  • Minimum order quantity 250 rounds
  • Clucas 12 Gauge shotgun ammunition must only be used in Magnum Shotguns.