About Clucas Method of Entry

History of the Company

Founded in 1970, Clucas MoE has acquired a globally recognised reputation as specialists in method of entry rapid intervention. With a focus on innovation, research and development we have worked alongside Military, Goverment agencies and other similar organisations, to develop a range of unrivalled products and solutions.

The Company invented the 'Kerie’ Cable which receive international acclaim. The 'Kerie’ Cable used as an integral part of Clucas Thermal Arc cutting equipment has completely revolutionised the world of rapid entry. Cutting through steel at speeds faster than any other product available on the market, it continues to hold its world-class reputation as the fastest and most effective piece of equipment of its kind to date.

Clucas Today

Clucas continues to maintain its commitment to establishing long-term partnerships, building on the quality of its expertise and excellence of its product range. With an established international reputation in many overseas markets we are continually open to forming strategic alliances with new potential partners.

Clucas has continued to develop the product range, moving from one innovative success to another. These include the world famous ‘Hatton’ Rounds and RIP Rounds, which are all designed and manufactured on-site.

Most recently, Clucas has acknowledged that training of personnel in various techniques of method of entry, and use of equipment is vital. We have therefore expanded into the design of bespoke training rigs for this purpose. On-site training can be provided through our sister company Clucas Training Wing Ltd.

All products are manufactured under quality systems which are in compliance with, and certificated to, ISO 9001:2015.