Training Rigs – The Clucas ‘RhinoRig’™


A unique, bespoke, modular training system for all door and window forced entry situations

The Clucas ‘RhinoRig'™ is a multi-purpose MOE training structure. A modular steel construction designed and manufactured to certified standards.

This unique system’s mainframe is bolted to a concrete level surface. Designed to specific client training requirements, each system is unique, flexible and easy to dismantle and relocate.

The flexibility of the RhinoRig™ being a modular system has allowed the design to be incorporated into ISO containers, making this the ideal solution for training and global deployment

The Clucas ‘RhinoRig'™ enables extensive MOE training especially when used with a wide range of MOE tools, for example:
  • 'Madderson' Rams and Hooligan tools
  • Hydraulic tools/Door Blaster HDB 90 ST
  • Steel gate for the use with thermal-arc cutting equipment
  • Adjustable frame for composite doors, for the use with blade and saw tools
The Clucas ‘RhinoRig'™ can also be adapted for use in:
  • AMOE Glass entry, shot gun breaching – (Advanced Method of Entry)
  • EMOE Explosive entry/breaching – (Explosive Method of Entry)


  • The dimensions of each bespoke rig range from single entry to multi-level structures.

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