Thermal Arc Cutting Equipment – Underwater ‘Slim’ Pack

Thermal Arc Cutting Equipment - 'Parri' Pack


Portable underwater, rapid results

The Underwater ‘Slim’ Pack is highly portable, designed to be worn on the back to enable the operator to swim covertly to the target. On reaching the location the unit is fully operational.

The unit comprises of a watertight stainless steel box/housing . Within the housing there are two viewing points in the lid, enabling high and low pressure to be clearly monitored. A flexible hose within the unit is connected to a pre-set regulator set at 140 psi. The aluminium 2-litre cylinder is charged to a fill pressure of 3000 psi (207 bar). The unit gives a maximum of 3 minutes continuous cutting time.

Housed within a watertight ‘Peli’ case.

Police/Military: Black
  • Weight of operational set: 16kgs (35lbs)
  • Weight of complete kit: 32kgs (70lbs)
  • Maximum cutting time : 3 minutes