Door & Wall Breaching – ‘Mowbray’ Door Down

Door & Wall Breaching - 'Mowbray' Door Down

Door & Wall Breaching - 'Mowbray' Door Down


The 'Mowbray' Door Down (MDD)
The powerful, rapid solution for entry through doors and barricades

This unit enables MoE personnel to overcome the access problems encountered in hostile situations such as opposed searches or sieges. Simple to deploy and operate, the MDD has a more powerful access capability that the standard manual ram's, it operates more rapidly than hydraulic breaching equipment.

Using the MDD unit it enables rapid entry through barricaded doors, whilst minimising risk to the occupants of the property - particularly vital when hostages are involved.

It is easily transportable in a helicopter or a patrol car, can be carried comfortably by a two-man team and is compact enough to pass through any standard doorway.


  • Operational weight of MDD: 70kgs (154lbs)
  • Length: 710mm (28 inches)
  • Width: 325mm (13 Inches)
  • Barrel Bore: 222mm (8.75 inches)

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