Manual Tools – Clucas ‘Madderson’ Ram

Manual Door Rams - Clucas 'Madderson' Ram

Manual Door Rams - Clucas 'Madderson' Ram


A single-person battering ram

Adopted by Police and Fire services globally, the ‘Madderson’ ram is a single–person operated battering ram, which can be operated by left or right handed personnel. The ram was primarily designed for inward opening doors, but can be used in conjunction with other manual MoE tools for outward opening doors.

The unique design allows the user to achieve maximum impact even in tight spaces. The large striking plate provides a broader contact point which ensures accuracy upon contact.

The ram can be carried safely over the shoulder.

Available in the following colours:

Police/Military: Black
Fire and Rescue: Red


  • Length: 584mm (23”)
  • Standard Weight: 16.5kgs (36.4lbs)
  • Length: 432mm (17”)
  • Standard Weight: 11kgs (24.2lbs)
  • Vehicle Mount Option

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