Door & Wall Breaching – ‘Harvey Wall Banger’

Door & Wall Breaching - 'Harvey Wall Banger'

Door & Wall Breaching - 'Harvey Wall Banger'


The 'Harvey Wall Banger'
The most effective alternative to high explosives

Experience has shown explosives can be an unsatisfactory MoE option, particularly in hostage situations. The 'Harvey Wall Banger' was developed as an effective alternative means of gaining rapid entry. The HWB enables a team to gain access into a building, whilst minimising structural damage and risk to the hostages.

The HWB achieves this by launching a water-filled plastic container at a velocity sufficient to breach the wall allowing a team to gain rapid access without the use of explosives.

The complete system is a double cannon packed into a crate complete with operational accessories.


  • Length: 1170mm (46")
  • Width: 460mm (16")
  • Height: 432mm (17")
  • Barrel bore: 280mm (11")
  • Weight of 1 HWB cannon: 100kgs (220lbs)

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